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Cover art for 0x-Jitzu's song: CAIRO




CAIRO [FLOODS Collection] The ancient city on the Nile, now lies beneath the rising waters. The Pyramids stand as silent sentinels, witnessing the end of an era as the floodwaters swallow up the bustling metropolis. Will the ancient wonders of Cairo succumb to the rising tides, or will they endure as a testament to the humanity? Music: 0x-Jitzu Artwork: FR3ED00M City: Cairo Coordinates: 30°1'42"N 31°13'13"E Conditions: 35 ft River Wave The owner of CAIRO will be granted full rights to: - reproduce, - monetize, - edit, - remix, the track called CAIRO. The owner of CAIRO will receive: - Master (.wav 16bit / 44100Khz) - High Resolution Artwork (.jpg 5535x5535px 300dpi) - Mix (premaster .wav 32bit / 48000hz) - Stems (all parts .wav 32bit / 48000hz) About FLOODS Collection: In the near future a catastrophe strikes Earth. The ongoing climate change has reached breaking point, causing terrible floods and a global rise in tides. Only a few survivors remain on this ravaged planet rushing towards doomsday. One of them, with his inseparable dog and a surfboard, embarks on a last journey around a flooded, post-catastrophe world - knowing that very soon all will be forever lost.

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December 29, 2022
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