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Cover art for 0x-Jitzu's song: TOKYO




TOKYO [FLOODS Collection] Some lights are still on! Our traveller is overlooking the open bay in the land of the rising sun. A massive suprise wave crashes on the foundations of the once futuristic monuments. how long will Tokyo last? Music: 0x-Jitzu Artwork: FR3ED00M City: TOKYO Coordinates: 35°38′11″N 139°45′49″E Conditions: 90 ft 24 sec offshore The owner of TOKYO will be granted full rights to: - reproduce, - monetize, - edit, - remix, the track called TOKYO. The owner of TOKYO will receive: - Master (.wav 16bit / 44100Khz) - High Resolution Artwork (.jpg 5535x5535px 300dpi) - Mix (premaster .wav 32bit / 48000Khz) - Stems (all parts .wav 32bit / 48000Khz) About FLOODS Collection: In the near future a catastrophe strikes Earth. The ongoing climate change has reached breaking point, causing terrible floods and a global rise in tides. Only a few survivors remain on this ravaged planet rushing towards doomsday. One of them, with his inseparable dog and a surfboard, embarks on a last journey around a flooded, post-catastrophe world - knowing that very soon all will be forever lost.

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June 19, 2022
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