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Cover art for AbJo's song: Day 17 (Quartz)

Day 17 (Quartz)



As heard at the end of Soulection+ Radio Mix released on, this is yet another track that will end up on the "AbJonian Suite" beat tape. Each collector of this and all the "AbJonian Suite" NFT drops hereafter will have access to the tape as it stands now as well as an advance copy of the finished version before it's officially released! Also, this is the first beat created for this tape more than 3 years ago, before the pandemic hit, and it's probably my favorite off the tape overall. The orchestra kid inside of me gets giddy hearing this on a top-notch system, so I suggest you do the same when you play this; like its namesake, everything becomes crystal clear once you do...

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May 5, 2022
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