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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: Almost Love (A One-Take Serenade)

Almost Love (A One-Take Serenade)

Ahmed Sirour


Years ago, I met a woman with whom I had electric chemistry with. It was really strong but we also had differences in religious outlooks, plus the fact that I was considering going overseas for musical opportunities but had told her, in no uncertain terms, that I would forego all of that if she wanted to pursue a serious relationship together. Obviously, she felt torn but didn't want to be the cause of me missing out on potential opportunities because of her, plus she couldn't rectify our differences on how we viewed religion (she being very religious and me being the opposite, though still spiritual). I think a year or two had passed and I reached out to her by phone, just to see how she was and it was a great even gave me some glimmer of hope that maybe our chemistry still had enough to create something, despite the. obstacles. Deeply inspired, I created this solo piano piece, and in only one take, and sent it to her. Suffice to say, we never worked out and went our separate paths, but this song was a reminder of how close to love we could have been had certain differences not gotten in the way, but now that I'm older, I realize that almost just isn't enough and to just be grateful for the experience and what it taught me to help me grow and move on, but I always listen to this fondly, as a beautiful memory of that wonderful conversation and feeling, about a woman I once knew, long ago.

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February 21, 2024
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