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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: BONUS - Goodbye For Now (the Neville Leacock Suite)

BONUS - Goodbye For Now (the Neville Leacock Suite)

Ahmed Sirour


My grandfather passed away 2 years before I made this album, and I wanted to honor him in some way, since this was the first album that anyone in the family had ever released, although I was preceded by my aunts and uncles who could all sing and my younger uncle was a songwriter and pianist. My grandfather loved Classical music and this is one of the passions that he and my grandmother shared, along with old-school church hymns (especially from the British side, since his native Barbados was a British colony), and they even met in the church choir in Brooklyn, where they emigrated to, which would result in them marrying and having their 6 children, and their second daughter being my mother who brought me into this world. That history aside, I wanted this song to have a kind of march-like drum because he was a very stern man and conservative man, but as the track progresses, you hear the light piano and strings because his behind his tough exterior, he was actually a soft-hearted man on the inside, and I wanted to capture that about him, musically. I miss him, as well as my grandmother, but I very thankful for both of their influences, even though I hated, as a child, when my grandfather forced me to listen to his Classical music records (which was torture to me, back then lol). Thankfully, I grew to appreciate it in my adulthood 😂

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February 21, 2024
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