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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: The Hidden Places

The Hidden Places

Ahmed Sirour


This one starts the "Erotic" third of the album. The title is pretty self-explanatory, if connected to a sexual connotation, and the pulsating beat and electronic vibes are a sharp contrast from the acoustic piano and mellow vibe of the preceding 4 tracks. Later on, a good friend of mine and singer, Teisha Marie, made a vocal version of this that she wrote to and I produced called "Desire (the Hidden Places)", that has a nice seductive sound that I vocally-arranged for her to sound differently than she usually does (a usually strong singer whom I coached to sing in a whispering kind of seductive voice for that version). But instrumentally, on its own, this could definitely score an intense love scene in a movie, in my opinion (or a 3rd date night) 😉

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February 21, 2024
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