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Cover art for Cristina Spinei's song: Il Nodo

Il Nodo

Cristina Spinei


Il Nodo is the fourth track from my album Ex Voto - a collection of nine pieces for solo piano, violin, and cello. The title “ex voto” comes from the Latin ex voto suscepto — "from the vow made." It is an offering given in gratitude for a prayer answered or a wish granted. The music of Ex Voto is more personal and exposed than anything else that I have written. Out of all of my compositions, Il Nodo is my favorite one. I always love writing for violin because of its intense and dynamic range of expression. The violin lines of Il Nodo are supposed to sound like a prayer. With this 1/1 NFT you will also be able to receive a ticket to a live concert whenever Il Nodo is performed. Piano/Composer - Cristina Spinei Violin - Christina McGann Recorded at Creative Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee Recording Engineer: Parker Cason Producer: Cristina Spinei Mastering: Addi 800

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November 18, 2021
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