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Cover art for cumulus frisbee's song: orca


cumulus frisbee


I made this song around the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020. Looking back, it was kind of an encapsulation of the joy of staying inside the house making music alot more, mixed with the sobering reality that everywhere you go is now potentially dangerous. I remember being so paranoid around this time, as I'm sure lots of us were. And at the same time I loved having the opportunity to entertain my introverted nature and just stay in Ableton all day. It's definitely bizzare to feel these sorts of feelings all at the same time, but life has a way of making unlikely and sometimes dichotomous events/emotions/ideas overlap. Sometimes these events feel more like a collage rather than a planned painting that's been sketched out and meticulously prepared. But even in that dichotomy there is room for both approaches to overlap. Things happen randomly, but we're capable of building structure atop that undulating topography. We're all navigating terrain that is constantly morphing, but that's kinda what makes it fun.

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February 27, 2022
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