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Cover art for Danny Dwyer's song: Different World (Moses Demo)

Different World (Moses Demo)

Danny Dwyer


Okay I wrote this song like 3 years ago when I was living in downtown la locked in my room in a loft just making music all the time. I made like 300 songs that year and some of them are still my best work to this day. So a lot of them turned into nothing some turned into releases but like a year after that I was living in a tiny apartment in silverlake and the a/c was leaking taking a toll on both the hardwood floors and our security deposit. So billy came over and it was a hot summer day with no a/c and we made a bunch of stuff but at the end I played him this demo and he was like “ that’s perfect, I have an idea.” I gave him the files and he came back like a week later with what is now ‘different world.’ I love that song so much and I always felt like sharing the original demo would be a powerful way to add some more context. I am excited about this as an opportunity to share a little more of what inspired the song and the story behind it and giving someone the opportunity to own a little piece of the creative process.

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February 16, 2022
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