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Cover art for Danny Dwyer's song: In My Hotel Room Distracting Myself From the Lawsuits (w/ Harris Cole)

In My Hotel Room Distracting Myself From the Lawsuits (w/ Harris Cole)

Danny Dwyer


Okay so for my 4th catalog release I wanted to do something new. A new song, new for me, a new collaborator, a new style adding onto the sonic palette I’ve been shaping throughout the past few years. It’s called “in my hotel room distracting myself from the lawsuits” and it is defined by its uniqueness. I made it smack in the middle of my month and a half in Europe. A down day sandwiched in between double booked sessions and a music video to be shot starting at 5am the next day in Dungeness. I had a lot stressing me out at the time and wanted to spend my day relaxing and catching up on sleep (this did not happen). I was stressed about getting music turned in and not missing my train in the morning. The high of international travel had worn off and I was ready to be home. Safe to say I was overwhelmed, couldn’t sleep, and chose to cope with it by sitting down and writing new music. Me and Harry had been working on some ideas together and I revisited one and knew this was the perfect song to encapsulate my current lonely, compartamentalized state. I set up a small studio in my room and made the rest of what is now “In my hotel room distracting myself from the lawsuits.” Once it was finished, Harry and I knew this would be a perfect Catalog release and began the process of getting it finalized. I am so excited for whoever will come to own this song and this little piece of me and can’t wait to see the life it will live outside this moment, beyond Catalog, and in the world. 💗Thanks so much here’s to another important release.

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April 13, 2022
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