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Cover art for Domino's song: COUPE




Produced by Jayvidd a song about taking your power back, and talking shit to your haters. You just a bitch You just a bitch i push limitations while killing the rich its a small list you might go switch ya games hesitating Nintendos still glitch I know you cant take It You twitching away I hope that you make It You know what they say give what you take hoping like prey Ya mom even knows so she prays that your safe hold all your diction I float like magician I know Im creating like right from the soul You move like mutation I work like embraces I sound like narration you scroll and you scroll Foes know how I roll Lose my patience Ill explode in my space now youre on my goals when ya see my face I might shoot and roll cuz You can’t even run You cant even run You just try to get away I find you and youre don You can’t even run You cant even run You just try to get away I find you like its none Bitches be bitches its your decision Youre such a bitch That its just your mission Bon appetit Dinner is sitting Im eating on beats While your starving attention Vision of bitches Is one like a dish They wanna go eat But won’t even sit Im cooking a feast im starving like artists thats up on their feet While Im scratching an itch Im digging a ditch Gotta make It simple Ya see my teeth but without the dimples smooth and shit Kinda like a gimbal Im popping off While youre like a pimple I own this shit Its the same old god damn love song ya fear this shit so ill live long Ya know the words to my old songs So I never thought id be here But Im working for my life Cuz every time I get away Im rolling on the dice like every time Im alone Im high up like a kite so every time Im golden got me hoping its my time So here I am sitting lonely Breath that in til she phones me Thats my chick Thats my chick And we bump this shit til we coping Shit hold this shit cuz I forget til she reminds me that youre a bitch so

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April 12, 2022
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