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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "5 AM Flight" f/ Sach (The Nonce) - Produced by Dutchyyy

"5 AM Flight" f/ Sach (The Nonce) - Produced by Dutchyyy



"5 AM Flight" Year created: 2002 (Production) / 2003 (Written & Recorded) Written & Performed by: Dutchmassive & Sach (of The Nonce) Produced by: Dutchyyy Recorded by: Dutchmassive @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Mixed & Mastered by: Dutchyyy @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Album: "Crush Your System" Track: 21 Released: Nov 28, 2007 Label: Rawkus Records Original Dutchmassive Logo By: Open Mic Re-Designed Logo by: Barry & Dutch "Crush Your System" was created 2001-2007 & has had songs added to the bandcamp version 2008-Present. ----------------------------- Backstory: + excerpt from the "BusStopBuildingBlock" backstory: "The song (BusStopBuildingBlock) was also a Nod to my Favorite group "The Nonce" (Sach & Yusef Afloat) Mostly known for their two video singles "Mixtapes" & "Bus Stops" off their album "World Ultimate" they were friends with the producer of the song Deeskee as well, so the plan was to get them on the song originally, but before I could finish writing my original verse, Yusef Afloat committed suicide, which made me derail the song for year, before finally feeling comfortable enough to write and record to song meant to feature my favorite group. Before Junk Planet was officially released in 2004, 2 full years after I was done recording it. I was well into working on my next album (Music2SleepTo.../ Crush Your System) meant to be a double album, with one disk being all my production and Instrumental and the other disk being me emceeing over my favorite producer's beats. Sach (The Nonce) and I ended up recording a song "5AM Flight '' over one of my beats in 2003" Actual Full backstory after the lyric section.... ----------------------------- Lyrics: [Verse 1 – Dutchmassive] "Yo since 1981!! / I've been mastering my drums / heartbeat for metronome, sound sound would enter through her lungs / I could see pop's smiling / Nodding to my crying / knew we had a common bond, could see it his iris / Pilot of starship, out of space from arms length / tapping feet the same pace as his heart rate / this was daily / I rarely, spoke with family, but their music never failed me / I sail between the groove where the record skips / cus pops fell asleep to music, not a coincidence / unlimited, audio conditioning, a playlist from heaven and every night you listen in." ----------------------------- Lyric Backstory: My Parents were both music heads, super fans and collectors long before I was born. My father was very intentional about playing music while I was still in my mother's womb and my first memories as an infant were all filled with music. From Newborn until around 4 1/2 years old I have vivid memories of my Dad playing Jimi Hendrix, John Mclaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Yes, Jeff Beck, While my mother fed me Amy Grant, Stevie Wonder's Innervisions album on repeat, A-ha, Hall & Oates, Depeche Mode, etc... I vividly remember while living in Leonia, New Jersey, being woken up in the middle of the night from my comfy Red Car Tent Bed, with Sheila (he-man) blanket wrapped around me, and being quietly escorted outside and into the back seat of the car which had brown and yellow blanket with a tiger on it (I still have this blanket, literally right behind my back, propping me up as I type this) and there were two tiny dogs (real dogs) named Weiner and Schnitzel (my grandparents Dachshund's) My Grandfather was driving, with Nana in the passenger seat and we drove off... I must have fallen back asleep quickly after getting in the car, because when I woke up, the sun was out and my tiny a** had no idea what was going on, but was fascinated looking out the window for hours and hours staring at trees that were orange and red, and the more we drove, the greener they became. We stopped at a rest area, where my grandparent left me in the car and brought me this little board that had a face on it, with a stick attached with a magnet on it, they let me create hair, or mustaches or whatever on the faces... This blew my mind, what kind of magic is this!!!! Either way, I was distracted and content with zero idea my grandparents were driving me all the way from New Jersey, to my new home in Twelve Oaks / Town n Country / Tampa, FL.. I can't remember ever questioning what was happening or missing my parents or new born baby brother. I was distracted by staying up late, watching TV in the living room, being fed Peanut Butter Twix, large Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Popcorn and Soda. In the daytime, I was distracted all day with a Talk N Play, and a MS-DOS based version of Asteroids my grandfather programmed and created himself that existed on an actual, floppy floppy disk... Until one morning I was driven to this strange place called School (Kinder garden) haha. Distracted by Alphabet People, Reading Rainbow and Naptime, I still seemed unbothered, off in my own world. Shortly after new neighbors moved in and came over and introduced themselves, they had a son named Eric who was born exactly 3 days after I was. He had a much bigger house, and more toys than I had ever seen before. This was my introduction to Dinosaurs and my longest and greatest best friend. (Goonies never say die!!!) A year Later, my Mother showed up with my little brother. I spent most of my time living next door with Eric over the years, we played with micromachines, battle beats, visionaries, rocklords, inhumanoids, Airgear, literally every single toy brand that launched in the mid 80's to early 90's, we were lost in escapism creating worlds with our imagination. two years after my mother and brother arrived, My Father showed up and we moved into our own separate house. (The Red House) This is where I first play Atari, NES, at neighbors houses, and every other memory attached to this house is tied to the playroom that smelled like playdough and was scattered with Transformers and GI-Joe Vehicles, The only other vivid memories I have in this house, were all chilling on my parent bed playing moon patrol on my texas instrument console, Never being able to beat the last boss of Ninja Gaiden, getting scared playing Castlevania Simon's Quest when the day to turned to night and music changed. Renting Castlevania 3 and being amazed I could play as different characters that all functioned differently, and watching Nightmare on Elm street which traumatized my brother, but Freddy was too much of a jokester to phase me in the slightest. There were no real memorable music moments beyond Eric playing a ridiculous amount of Bruce Springsteen, My neighbors at the redhouse playing a ridiculous amount of Bon Jovi, and a very traumatizing moment spent crying in the bathroom at skateworld while vincent price narrated Michael Jackson's Thriller. (this painful memory was referenced years later subconsciously during an improv tascam freestyle that now forever exists on Chapter IV of The Daily Rambles Series haha) The Next Chapter is where all the magic began. Baywater Apartments, on Waters Ave. This Apartment complex is where my pops finally got his record player, speakers, and all his records after not having access to them for a few years. So the next few years of my life there were two constants. Pop's get home from work, cooks, sits in his recliner, drinks, and blast records endlessly until 2 AM, He didn't interact with us, He just blasted all the music I remember from living in New Jersey, Air drumming in his chair with his drumsticks (I still have these, they are literally also right behind me on the shelf) and bopped his head and played an imaginary bass drum with his feet. Talking to him was pointless,He was in reach, but in outer space mentally. Kids have school in the morning? who cares, digest this frank zappa record on repeat, "oh it got quiet, maybe he's going to bed".. Blast's Tom Waits, while I can hear him audibly sobbing.... I love all of this music now. but at that time, I resented all this music keeping me from being able to sleep and being a zombie at school for years haha. At the age of 14, My Parents got a divorce, My Pops moved back to Jersey... and a year later, the young Producer, Rapper was born....From beats on Casio Keyboard, Making Pause mixtapes, Freestyling on a karaoke machine to Freestyle typing in the AOL HIPHOP Arts & Entertainment Chatroom along with other legends like Dakim, Atoms Family, Cannibal OX, Anticon, Chris Craft, the list goes on, My life forever changed from AOL chat room. A few months later, I was on the radio from a demo we (Celph Titled, Majik Most & Myself) recorded on a 4 track in my moms closet, to quickly level up, paying for Studio time, and having our first single on Vinyl while still in the 10th grade.... Music2SleepTo... Does my signature hybrid sound of Aggressive, chaotic jazzy boombap to super slumped sleepy whale sounds, 20 bpm, sloth style make sense yet? Music is all I've ever known that keeps me tethered to the concept of what being alive is. and Thus.... 5 AM Flight was born.

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