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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: Lamb's Bread (f/ AshTreJinkins & Sleepyeyes)

Lamb's Bread (f/ AshTreJinkins & Sleepyeyes)



"Lamb's Bread" Produced by: Dutchyyy, AshTreJinkins, Sleepyeyes Album: "Chill Gawd, Chill" Track: 20 Released: Feb 5th, 2015 ------------------- Backstory: "Bright green and sticky, Lamb's Bread gives you energy and positive introspection." I've held off on uploading this record even though it's one of my favorite songs of all time.  I've collabed with countless people over the years but 97% of the time,  that collab is a producer sending me a drum loop and I end up doing everything else, including most of the time, altering the drum loop and adding more drums, but this collab is the absolute exception.   "Lamb's Bread" was created in KoreaTown (Los Angeles) in October 2013 right around Halloween at Sleepyeyes Apartment.  AshTreJinkins and I took the train to sleepy's crib to chill and when we showed up,  Sleepy had a plastic canister of :::air quotes::: "Flowers" called "Lamb's Bread".  We lit some Nag Champa then all partook in the  ritual of passing the "flowers".  You know those magic flowers that enhance taste, sight and sound and boost creativity =) We then began talking about our favorite artists and albums to sample,  So i mentioned an artist I've sampled 390390394 times since the mid 90's [REDACTED] and I proceeded to transfer the full discography to Sleepy's harddrive.  What do 3 producers do when they get in a room after passing the creativity flower?   Rhetorical question!   We opened the DAW (ABLETON LIVE) and I began to show them my insanely quick workflow when it comes to setting up and preparing a sample to turn into an actual instrument through a billion tiny Micro-chops.   This track has 3 change ups. It was the ultimate form of collaboration and something I was not used to. 1st part of the beat was all Dutchyyy.  Drums & Sample Chops....   2nd part of the beat was Tre on Bass (except 1 note I shifted), Sleepy on chops and Dutch on Drums. 3rd part of the beat was Tre on Drums, Sleepy on bass and Dutch on the Chops We all did a little EQ and mixing and the next day Sleepy sent over the track with the added Vocal samples and better master version in general. I uploaded the track to Soundcloud a little over a week from when we created it and the rest was History. The track has about 58k plays on Soundcloud, comments from legends and to this day remains one of the most requested songs to be uploaded to DSPS. The track also caught the Ear of the well respected & highly elusive "GodsConnect" who's seal of approval was stamped by him creating Visuals around your track (Usually stuff with vocal samples) You can view his Visual edit here: "Lamb's Bread" was created during a transitional stage in my life,  A great shift in energy.  I had already begun working on what was supposed to be my next official album "The Uproot" and this was intended to be released on that album.   It's one of 4 songs I pulled from "The Uproot" at the very last moment and added to the critically acclaimed,  3 times best selling & sold out Cassette.  The infamous 2 hour Tape "Chill Gawd, Chill".   This decision was made because "Chill Gawd, Chill" was a vast collection of older songs I created 2012-2013 while living in Los Angeles,  but none of those songs except the albums title track were new or sonically represented my current direction of sound at the time.   I'm still a bit regretful for pulling these songs from "The Uproot" since it derailed the album for a time and then fate stepped in and destroyed the hard drive where all the master session files so that album still remains officially unreleased except a long form, early demo version which can be heard on bandcamp. and thus, "Lamb's Bread" was born. Thank you for taking time to read the back story and thank you for listening. -Dutch ------------------- This record will be a 3 way split.  Currently Catalog only allows splits with 1 other person,  So 33.3% split will be on chain w/ @AshTreJinkins who is also an Artist on Catalog Works. ------------------- *****Collector will receive one of my personal copies of the sold out "Chill Gawd, Chill" Cassette Tape & A Box of authentic Nag Champa Original Incense with Custom "Chill Gawd, Chill" Sticker. *****Collector will also receive access to something that doesn't exist publicly.  Access to the Separated Demo tracks from "The Uproot"

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