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Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: "Chill Gawd, Chill" Track: Simplemente Track #: 32 Created: 2012 Released: February 5th, 2015 ------------------------ Backstory: Shortly after transitioning from FL Studio to Ableton Live in 2012,  My dear friend Ivera ( fka Peanut Butter Cookiez ) that I've known since the early days of myspace came out to Los Angeles to visit.  She ended up coming to my apartment in San Pedro and brought a friend with her @lowleaf My GF (ex) at the time was at work, so I was already locked in getting lost in Ableton when they showed up.  Low Leaf asked why I wasn't using the Arrangement view and I said "huh, what arrangement view" haha.  Then she showed me how to tab over to Ableton's other view.  I thanked her and proceeded to get busy in session view =) I saved what I was working on and asked them to choose their favorite sample/song so I could flip it.  They agreed on a song, and I began doing my thing.... [short interlude] My ex knew Ivey was supposed to come through that day and also knew I had a song on "Blue Screen of Deaf" dedicated to her titled "PBC Activity" (one of the first beats I made w/o samples) so she was a bit worried even tho I tried to explain Ivey is like my sister and i've known her for years. She had to work until 5 so I didn't expect to see her during Ivey's visit since her lunch wasn't long enough to drive to our apartment and back to work so it made no logistical sense to ever drive home during lunch.  While working on my flip, we all heard the door open, but didn't see who came in since they went directly into the restroom.  We looked at each other confused since I already told Ivey (who wanted to meet my girl) that she wouldn't be here during the limited time she had to visit.  I was wondering if I left the door unlocked and maybe Ahwlee, or another friend or one of neighbors just walked in and needed to use the restroom.  After a few minutes passed, I just kept working on my flip since I set an hour time limit for myself to get it finished and exported. 15 minutes later,  my ex quietly walks into the living room unable to hide the shocked expression on her face.  She was already familiar with how objectively Beautiful Ivey was, but I don't think she expected to see two objectively beautiful women sitting behind my shoulders when she walked in and she kinda went stun locked as Ivey and Low Leaf tried to greet her.  I asked what she was doing at home and she came up with an excuse that didn't make sense before quickly having to say goodbye and speed back to work. I was hyper focused on finishing my flip and adding synths to really pay any attention to what just happened but both Ivey and Low Leaf brought up how weird and uncomfortable that brief encounter was and mentioned it probably isn't a good sign that my girl didn't trust me and both felt like she was trying to pop in unannounced to catch me in act or something and wished me luck and said godspeed on the night ahead of me haha.   I finalized the track and exported within the hour time limit I set so I was happy. The most memorable moment from that day was a conversation w/ Low Leaf about our process of creating music.  She warned me not to let myself get lost in a trance while creating because you become vulnerable to being channeled by undesired forces...    that stuck with me......        Unfortunately, I was never able to follow that advice because my creative process is my form of meditation,  and I'm definitely in a trance during it.  though I don't feel I'm channeling anything or anyone other than my higher self, surfing the fringes of the flow state waves....  and I would totally lean into this trance years later as I entered the era of Daily Rambles, Long Story Short & Evolving Portals =) I can't remember if that night ended up good or bad, I just know I was happy to see my friend Ivey and meet Angelica in person for the first time and cemented that memory in the form of a song. And thus, "Simplemente" was born.

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