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Cover art for Dutchyyy's song: The Waiting Room  (the calm before...)

The Waiting Room (the calm before...)



Produced by Dutchyyy Backstory: As Hurricane Idalia slowly approaches,  I'm eerily  reminiscent of 2017,  After a decade of being Uprooted, Traversing state to state, and a lifetime of living in apartments,  I finally rented my first house.  I wanted a home I could create at night or day, free of anxiety or worrying about neighbors if I had the volume too loud while creating music.   I moved in May of 2017, and finally just reacquired all my long lost personal belongings that were scattered across the US being safeguarded by trusted friends.     My House was a half mile away from the gulf of mexico.  Close enough to walk or ride my bike or scooter to nature, relax and breathe easy...   I'm most productive when I have nature nearby so this was heavenly, the only trade off was isolation from friends / family,  but I made that isolation work leaning into recording daily rambles and evolving portals.... Fast Forward to September and the Category 5 Hurricane Irma was projected to make direct landfall literally right over my house.  I just required everything precious in the world to me as well as invested in new studio equipment and furniture.  Being .5 miles from the ocean, My house was in the most severe evacuation zone,  at even at a category 2 hurricane, a direct hit would put my house 12 feet underwater minimum.   The anxiety and fear I felt was unmeasured. So I did what I do best when I feel powerfulless,   I transmuted that emotion into music. As I was creating,  I imaged the soundtrack to the eye of the storm.  Calm and clear while causing absolute devastation around it....   and tried to end the song with the resolve of peace and relief felt by anyone with RNG lucky enough to emerge on the other side of the storm safely...       Originally meant to be on the 1st of 4 unreleased albums created since releasing Traversal in 2016,  "The Waiting Room" originally titled "Workin' Thru it" only saw a soundcloud release, and was uploaded the moment it finished. After exporting and uploading.  I packed my most sentimental belongings up and whatever expensive studio equipment I could fit in my car,  locked my doors and drove inland to stay with good friend and fellow Equilibrium group member, Celph Titled to weather the storm as far away from the storm surge as possible.  Thankfully,  RNG blessed Tampa that day and IRMA shifted last minute but it's always been impossible for me to celebrate missing a direct hit from a hurricane, because it means that direct hit just destroyed other people's lives..   I have no Idea how things will turn out this time around,  no one does...  I just know it's been one of the hottest years of our lifetime and this is just the beginning of hurricane season.  I really really really tried to escape this state and city so many times.  I hope the next time I have a chance to leave Tampa, FL     I don't return for a very long time. Adding to the forever library while we still have electricity. Stay Safe. <3 Dutchyyy

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August 29, 2023
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