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"WHNTHENGHTCMS PART II" Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: Blue Screen of Deaf Track #: 13 Released: September 10, 2012 Backstory: Created: Early May 2012 in my San Pedro apartment overlooking the Port of Los Angles. Not much of back story for this one. Though I do vividly remember making these back to back "WHNTHENGHTCMS PART I" & "WHNTHENGHTCMS PART II". I was home alone after a breakup, Nag Champa burning, watching the last bit of daylight fade away and decided to keep myself distracted by being productive. I remember it so vividly because I distinctly remember trying to open old sessions in FL Studio of tracks I made prior to the great hard drive crash of Xmas 2011 and getting really depressed that the ones that did load up where missing all the drums and vsts. I had only been in Los Angeles a few months at that point, Most of that time was spent either working at Cedars-Sinai, couch surfing at a new friends house, or just busy being distracted and in love. I only made like 2 or 3 beats while living at my friends house up the street. "THE RARARA!" is the only one of those tracks I ended up adding to "Blue Screen Of Deaf". So shortly after moving into this apartment with my ex I moved across the country for, and I mean like the first week, we broke up (for the first time) and I didn't know what to do with myself honestly. Being alone during the day was one thing, but this was my first night alone in that apartment and I was dreading it, So as soon as it got dark it was finally time to get my zen on and get lost in creation. I kinda blacked out after that moment, which is normal when i'm alone getting lost in the DAW even to this day. It's like time stops. I pop out from working and the reality is time did not stop at all. Like a Portal =) I didn't know it at the time but these would be some of the last beats I would ever make in FL Studio. Shortly after these were made, Ahwlee entered my life and introduced to me to the real love of my life, Ableton Live =) I was hesitant to put these tracks on the album because they were created after the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I added these two songs, ANGLWNGS, and THE RARARA! to the album literally at the very last moment before I uploaded it considering when I released the album, I had already been using Ableton for like 5 months and wanted to keep the FL Studio tracks separate. The one exception to this was "Just Be Yourself" which I saved to use for something I was more proud of. For full context around the album, Please read the backstory written here: I guess there was A backstory to these tracks after all. It's pretty amazing being able to transport back in time and re-live moments attached to creating art. I got that pit in my stomach I haven't felt in nearly a decade re-living this memory though. Thank you for listening / Reading, Dutch

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