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In a moment of self reflection while creating "DrunkenFistRaps"; I took time to write about what it meant to be sober to me. I created "DrunkenFistRaps" in a drunken daze: going to work, then coming home drunk and making music drunk every day I came home from work as a means to cope with writers block, and to cope with the sudden tragic death of a close friend. In the midst of creating this project, a close friend of mine had an intervention with me about my substance use. He told me what I was doing wasn't the way, and that there are better ways to heal. I listened to him, and decided to stop drinking. I wrote this song with hopes of healing and moving forward from the grief and trauma I've experienced, and the downfalls I faced relapsing in the process. I've chosen this song as my genesis piece because it encapsulates everything I've experienced not just as an artist, but as a human over the last few years, and how I've learned to cope and try to become better over time. Co-produced between Elton Tom and cloudy boi Lyrics by Tyrell Compton Vocal performances by Tyrell Compton Recorded by Tyrell Compton (at Tyrell's Crib) Mixed and Mastered by Dave Hirsh (@hirshproductions)

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August 4, 2023
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