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Cover art for Foad Moradi's song: ChaharGah


Foad Moradi


This improvisation is performed on the Tanbour in the ChaharGah Mode. Historically, Zarathustrians utilized this mode in Fire Temples for the recitation of their sacred hymns, the Gathas. The Shah-Khoshin Maqam, a prominent part of the Tanbour repertoire, features the ChaharGah Mode. Shah-Khoshin, an esteemed king in ancient Persia, is celebrated for leading an ensemble of instrumentalists and vocalists skilled in instruments such as the Harp and Tanbour. Unlike other Kurdish Tanbour Maqams, which typically include Kurdish lyrics, the Shah-Khoshin Maqam is unique for its use of Persian Epic Lyrics.

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January 28, 2024
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