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Cover art for Grady's song: Grady - 500 Days of Summer

Grady - 500 Days of Summer



This was just an ecstasy explosion. I had met a girl that made fireworks go off in my head and the song shot out of me like a roman candle. I ended up going out into the desert to film the music video with a bunch of fireworks to get them out of my head and almost blew my legs off. But these are the risks we take for art. At the time I was living with Sam at The Crescent, and I made this in the shade of our living room while eating a protein bar. Those were some weird times. This is the second drop in my "relics" series, the collection of songs I put out over the first three years of my solo project. The winner of this auction will also receive a 1/1 vintage washed 500 Days of Summer sweatshirt.

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January 29, 2022
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