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Cover art for greydient's song: Phantasm




Nobody can take your dreams away from you, so it's easier to dream than to face reality. But what if those weren't dreams? Don't you wish to find out, or would you rather live in the Phantasm. This is the first song of mine that I could listen back to and feel proud of the end product. I never enjoyed listening to my music, but this is where it all changed. Perks / Utility: - Nothing - Everything I want people to listen and resonate with my music. So let's speak about how we get as many people to hear this song. Or we can talk about why you felt like collecting this record. Or we can talk about what utility is and what I can offer to make collecting this worthwhile. I guess what I'm saying is we can decide together what this record and its utility means. Credits: Written/ Produced/ Mixed - greydient Mix Support/ Mastered - Karl Gutowski Artwork - Sam Hayek

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July 3, 2022
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