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Cover art for heybela's song: Antisocial Club

Antisocial Club



I´ve never liked being in my comfort zone, I prefer to constantly reinvent myself, because my music, just like life, cannot be flat or monotonous... that's why I decided to do my first drill, and the first drill in Spanish in the form of NFT, for my genesis drop in catalog. I want my life and my career to be full of first times, I want to feel this emotion of creating something new, for the rest of my days. The next song is about envy, and speaks directly to those people who can't stand the progress of others, who want to destroy others to feel more powerful, but actually end up destroying themselves inside. When a person trips me I get up stronger, and I acquire a new skill: knowing when to lift my foot to not fall into traps again. So this song is just a sample of how strong and powerful we can become if we transform bad vibes into a motivation to be better, to continue working for our dreams and in search of our best version. Below you will find two chapters of a story, merged into a single NFT; the two chapters are connected through the track to create a song with two musical environments. Benefits for the collector: -The mp3 file of the two chapters will be sent separately and the PDF of the lyrics -Access to heybela's Close friends for two months, to access exclusive content from the artist's day-to-day -Access to the private channel of Collectors in the Heybela Discord, where aspects of the Roadmap and future Heybela projects will be discussed; In addition, you will have a vote to choose some of the next drops. (Discord available in 2 weeks) Beatmakers: Scale & Nexan

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April 7, 2022
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