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Cover art for HOUNDTRACK's song: Havoc




A frantic sprint for survival across an extraterrestrial hellscape. With this song I wanted to experiment with darker sounds, drawing on influences from UK garage as well as experimental bass music. At this point in my career I was obsessed with putting fills in every little space, so expect to hear lots of sound design-centric madness. This is the ninth song on my album Last Chance At Life. Each song is part of a larger story in which three friends leave a ravaged Earth behind in search of a new planet. On 'Havoc' the crew flings themselves past burning rocks to make their way to a garden. The hope is that the plants found in the garden can provide them with precious carbon to power their battery packs. Time is of the essence -- their survival hinges upon whatever happens next. To read the full story, go here: Each song on the Last Chance At Life album has its own artwork created by Leonardo Silva (@itwasleo on socials) and mastered by Lukas Turza of Snap Mastering.

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June 7, 2022
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