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All The Ideas



It’s been 2 years since this project has been released (11/22/2019) but I didn’t get a proper chance to fully push it out (RIP pandemic) - this new paradigm and wave of music NFTs seems like the perfect opportunity to push this project out again. With Catalog being at the forefront of 1/1 canonical music NFTs and my involvement as one of the founding core engineers, it makes sense to post on Catalog as this is what I am capable of doing entirely myself as an auteur of music. I’ve played, composed, recorded, wrote, produced, mixed and mastered music my whole life and this is the first project that I’ve been satisfied enough with to call my magnum opus. This was the first full project I've released as Hvdson being a masked alias back in 2019 - the genesis project. I've always had a vision of making Hvdson this artist that everyone could feel like they were a part of so I tried my best to keep Hvdson a blank slate and make the narrative of a simulation of the persona/ego as inspired by the psychology of Carl Jung's id, ego and super-ego. I guess the closest thing to what i'm thinking of is what Brud is doing with (Lil) Miquela and the already well known digital persona of Hatsune Miku, but a decentralized and white-labeled version of that in which people own a part of Hvdson and can use it as a composable base layer to build other projects on top of - a decentralized musical persona simulation. The vision is to have Hvdson perform at a stadium full of people - all of which have either been contributors of the project or own some portion of it.

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November 22, 2021
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