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Cover art for Blk Orchid's song: Show Yuh (Ft. Kelard Tha Lyricist)

Show Yuh (Ft. Kelard Tha Lyricist)

Blk Orchid


A Reggae-Inspired artist based in Toronto Canada, Orchid is a multifaceted creative, who has displayed exceptional writing and vocals to her own productions. Her records are genre-bending and innovative, “Show Yuh” is no different. She fuses her Jamaican roots into the track, with Afrobeat and Dancehall elements. The song came to fruition in 2020 and it has gone on to be featured in playlists all over the world, peaked at #10 on the Australian Reggae charts, and featured in @thevecentre virtual art gallery , to name a few. The collector of this song will receive access to the exclusive tellie site and an $ORCHDZ token with a special download of a song pack with demos and remixes of this song. Kellan and I are proud of this song and where it has taken us. I am proud to bring Dancehall to the Blockchain , authentically.

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May 7, 2022
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