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Cover art for Low Leaf's song: SVG LVR (live at The Listening Garden, Ojai, 11.11.23)

SVG LVR (live at The Listening Garden, Ojai, 11.11.23)

Low Leaf


This rendition of "SVG LVR" from the project MiCRODOSE was recorded in front of a live audience at The Listening Garden in Ojai, CA on November 11th, 2023. Remembering this evening feels like a dream that was destined to happen. I’ve performed hundreds of times in my life, but this time felt different. Since October of last year, I had been watching the genocide in occupied Palestine unfold through social media on my phone everyday. I felt and still feel more than ever, the responsibility to use my gifts as a musician and healer to honor Earth’s divinity and her children. Music is medicine ! ! ! Recorded by The Listening Garden Mixed and Mastered by Zeroh Photo by Marc Alt Cover Art by Low Leaf

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