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Cover art for Mad Zach's song: Potential Energy - Full Album

Potential Energy - Full Album

Mad Zach


The music of “Potential Energy” is based on the idea of creating “spaces” with sound. Each track was a whole world I lived in for days on end, finding myself under the spell of the sound as it looped constantly. I’d sit for hours entranced, moving elements around here and there, hardly even stopping the loop when I left the room. As such, I tried to let the spaces guide themselves. Letting my mind wander and play while keeping my hands on the mixer, guiding the music more like I was flying a spacecraft through various dimensions and the knobs were the controls rather than trying to do anything contrived. As I flew around, I’d stop for some time and let the sound pull me into its dimensional experience. . : Tracklist : . 1. Potential Energy 2. Good Stuff Comin Thru 3. Back To Reality 4. Trippympciloveu 5. Kindaexorcist 6. Fastic For Real 7. Aktuell 8. Rupabumbum 9. Strange Before Bed 10. Slinky Beat 11. Stay Up Late 12. Simply The Freshness 13. Likwid 14. That Was Incredible

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