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Cover art for Eric Pan's song: Meeting of the Comets

Meeting of the Comets

Eric Pan


// Station 1 // Lore This lilting lullaby is a folk tale about the occasional bright starbursts in the sky towards the direction of the Hyades 🌌. It is said that when the Pleiades were still gathering their youthful formation – Asterope and Sterope constituting the core at the time – two far-flung comets fell in love. Their orbits, differing wildly in origin, began to exert a dynamic pull on each other, each with unique particle-cloud trails in tow. Over millions of years, a mutual encirclement gradually drew closer and closer ... until particles from their wake began to collide each time they met 🎇. Their dance will continue through the next seventy epochs, alternating between vast interstellar separation and dangerously intimate proximity. Then, they will eventually merge and become one entity, perhaps then following a new orbit through the galaxy, or perhaps in a final collision. But they will be together at last. // Station 2 // Field Notes Reflecting our best understanding of the local concept of an "epoch", we have gathered that seventy epochs translates to a bit under four million Earth years. // Station 3 // Collector Perks This is a 1/1 Catalog NFT track composed, performed, and pressed by Eric Pan (pandelic.eth). Every owner of a pandelic.eth Catalog NFT also receives unlimited, “golden ticket” download access to Eric's entire published music catalog, in resolutions up to MP3 V0 and lossless WAV. As of this pressing, this includes the following: + Travel Poems . Chapter 1 . Secret towns (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 2 . The night sea (LP) + Travel Poems . Chapter 3 . There is no path back (LP) + Lullabies of the Pleiades (EP) + goodnight margaret wise brown (single) + the year the shipwreck became beautiful (single) + Extras: full-resolution cover art, liner notes, music videos Every collector with golden-ticket status also has access to Eric Pan's future music+extras as they become published. Collectors ready to redeem downloads can email at any time for access, as well as in case of any questions. More expansive and exclusive perks will be unveiled over time.

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August 23, 2022
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