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Cover art for RAC's song: Water Dungeon

Water Dungeon



I grew up playing video games. Some of my earliest memories include blowing into NES cartridges and playing Zelda on the OG gameboy. That type of music has influenced me so much and I find myself holding back from letting it come through in a lot of my original work. It still seems to creep in from time to time though. This time around, no holding back. Inspired by a lot of childhood memories glued to a screen. It's quite upbeat at 150bpm, a lot of sounds are from the FM synth era of genesis/snes without sounding too "videogamey". Melodically it's pretty happy sounding but I think there's a hint of melancholy. I like playing in that middle ground. Instead of doing straight up vocal chops, I decided to sample various vocals and use them as instruments. In fact, most of the sounds are derived from the human voice. I haven't made a song at 150bpm in a while and I forgot how fun it can be. Hope you like it. This is my 2nd web3 exclusive track. Only available here on Catalog and Audius.

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February 21, 2022
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