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Cover art for Sophia Alexa's song: House of Cards

House of Cards

Sophia Alexa


Hi guys :) I’m sophia alexa, I’m an artist and songwriter born in california and raised in amsterdam, now living in london. i’ve had a love of songwriting since the day my obsession with Joni Mitchell started. growing up all I listened to was 70s music while writing songs at my kitchen table and I never thought I’d be releasing them. this is my first single ‘house of cards’ and i’m really excited to share it with you because it means a lot to me. I wrote it at a time where I felt quite vulnerable and I was loosing the support I needed around me. as i’ve come across nfts I’ve been so excited to see the community you can build and share your creativity with. this is my first nft ever and i’m so curious about this space and would love to learn more. i want to bring people into my world and process as much as possible, whether that’s sharing voice-notes, songs I haven’t released and more. i really hope this song can connect to anyone out there. 1 ETH = option to redeem handwritten lyrics in display case See here -

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December 19, 2021
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