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Cover art for Teen Daze's song: Nite Run

Nite Run

Teen Daze


Owner of this NFT will gain access to the "Interior Club VIP" discord. About Nite Run: This song came about in a way that I’ve never constructed a song before: it’s the melding of two different songs, which happened to be in the same key, and roughly the same tempo. The first song, which was also called Nite Run, described the weird vibes I was getting when I would go for night runs in my sleepy neighbourhood. During the day, there’s lots of families out, people hanging in parks, very pleasant. At night, there’s this shadiness that permeates. Like all the “non-Pleasantville” people are out and about. The other song was called Is It Me?, and it was all about feeling really socially insecure, and feeling like most of my relationships had become so fractured because of the last year. Anyways, I took those two songs, took the parts of them I liked, cut up and sampled the vocal tracks, bumped up the BPM, and voila! In the end, I wanted it to feel like those night runs I was doing, but in the context of the album’s world: that sketchy, neon city. The cut up vocals ended up giving it a very disorienting feel, and the panning sample makes it feel like you’re passing music playing out of clubs as you run by.

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December 19, 2021
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