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Cover art for Tepu's song: don't wave goodbye

don't wave goodbye



my first music nft press, yippee-skippy! i make a bunch of tiny songs each week–here's one that's special to me. it was made it on a highly turbulent day during the 2020 lockdown and this is the note i left with it: "a quick sketch of my feelings on 6/1/2020; made in my room during lockdown as riots flourish outside on the streets of los angeles. helicopter/sirens at the end were recorded from my bathroom on my phone" ~lyrics~ we fell victim to views that made us feel like this is paradise tricked into a scam where the greed of a few is over our fate to full to even bite on your bait just want you to know that we're in on your game and we're not here to play we're letting you go dance while you walk the plank but don't wave goodbye oooooweeeeee la la la la la la la la la la p.s. i'll be reaching out to the buyer of this one with a bunch of really cool additional surprise utilities as well

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August 30, 2022
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