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444 Mix



3.33 ETH Photo Credit: Jah Grey 1. Rescue Me - Timestamp: 00:00 From The Short Film "Limerence" Composed & Written by: TIKA Engineered by: Japz Productions Mastered by: Japz Productions 2. Grace ft. Shi Wisdom - Timestamp: 03:14 Grace ft. Shi Wisdom (T. Simone, S. Wisdom) Prod. by TiKA & McCallaman Engineered by GC. Garlow at RPM Studio Inc. 3. Can We - Timestamp: 05:36 Can We (T. Simone) Live Piano: T. Simone Engineered by: Calvin Hartwick for Dreamhouse 4. Soothing Love - Timestamp: 08:36 Soothing Love Recorded by: TIKA BGVS: Odile Myrtil Produced by: Casey MQ Engineered by: Casey MQ Mastered by: Noah Mintz 5. 11:21 - Timestamp: 11:21 TiKA 11:21 Produced by: HMLTLive Engineered by: HMLTLive 6. Serendipity - Timestamp: 15:55 Produced & Composed by: TiKA Engineered by: TiKA 7. Mine - Timestamp: 17:27 Produced by: Victor Bongiovanni + YogiDaProducer Engineered by: YogiDaProducer Percussion: Madame Gandhi BGVs: Odile Myrtil 8. Carry On - Timestamp: 20:41 TiKA Carry On Produced by: Clairmont The Second Engineered by: HMLT Live 9. LWY (Life Without You) - Timestamp: 23:22 TiKA LWY (Life Without You) ft. HMLT Live Produced by: HMLT Live Engineered by: HMLT Live

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March 13, 2024
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