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Cover art for Travis Wyche's song: High Altitude Walking Song

High Altitude Walking Song

Travis Wyche


Holding breath, short of air, abundant contemplations most keen in the morning, mourning the loss of daybreak, transversing recumbent planes, plain physicality stirring low burs, hummus hums, woolen gravity, sore knee determinism, dreams caught in the throat, existential metronome haunting always behind, meat body slapping foamy loam below, earth magnitude bellows, scurrying unknowns beneath tarantula dens, petrified terrestrial heat-air organs, a collective hallucination of place-based tone, the familiar comforts of continuous repetitive movements that render it all - the all - bearable. - Guitar, bass, harmonium, tambourine, drums, humdrum hums = by TW - Track 7/8 = Landscapes for New Mexico - Recorded, mixed, & mastered off-grid in the Carson National Forest Dec23-Feb24 - Visual landscape by TW, part of a larger series crafted concurrently

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February 21, 2024
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