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Cover art for urboiari's song: c the mess

c the mess



Amidst making so many sappy heartbreak songs, there were other emotions boiling underneath. I think this one came from a need to express a certain aggression that I'm just not capable of in conversation. It's angry and abrasive, a nod to Cody Chestnutt and Jpegmafia. This one was also made during a time where D and I were working on a project for him. I would spend the day looking for samples and then produce a couple beats. We ended up scrapping that ep, or it never really panned out, but it ended up being incredibly foundational. Somewhere deep in my computer there's a version where D raps the lyrics of 'Bitch I'm Broke' over the beat (or maybe it was lost when my hard drive crashed). 5664 Fair Ave 2021

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September 15, 2022
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