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Cover art for Xcelencia's song: PALABRA




A few weeks ago I was going to press this one but due to gas fees I hesitated a bit. Now I understood why, life and time have a unique way of working in harmony. A few days ago I received a heartfelt letter from a supporter in Russia that mentioned I saved her life - She starts off by saying that she can't imagine how many letters I read every day (lots of emails, no letters) and she begged me to read hers because of how important I am to her. I've gotten some fan love before but this letter in particular hit me. She mentioned because of the pandemic she lost her job traveling across the country, she lost all hope as she had to return home and even went days without eating due to having no money. She says my music gave her great power, and something woke up inside of her and she wanted to live again. That my music healed her and I gave her a reason to wake up every morning. I was in disbelief rereading the letter multiple times, to close it out, all she asked from me was to send her an autographed postcard. This SONG was highlighted as one of her favorites. As for this mint since I was going to originally press it a percentage of the proceeds will go to making sure I can ship her an amazing care package. a few ideas; previous physical CDs, merch from my store, a handwritten letter from me and some other goodies I got in mind! if possible, though a stretch if I was able to onboard her I can also send her some crypto for her troubles.

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November 27, 2021
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