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Cover art for XOA's song: Invisible Shape

Invisible Shape



Invisible Shape is the first single from our forthcoming 2023 EP 'After Burner'. It is also the very first song we are releasing as an NFT ever and we're really excited to do so with the Catalog community, and as a 1:1 edition. This track, and the EP will not be released until this special NFT is purchased. The initial holder and collector of this NFT will also receive a limited edition (1 of 20) art print signed by the Artist Carl Cashman, and composer, Nick Tyson. A bit about the track from Nick (Composition / production / bass): This track was originally given life during a writing week at the end of 2021, during a weird and transitory time in my life. My dear friend and band member Johnny (piano and keys) invited me down to his place in Folkestone on the south English coast to swim in the November sea, eat healthy, do some yoga, walk the dog and write some sounds. We didn't have a set agenda. We didn't even do that much music. We went to watch Folkestone Invicta football club play in the F.A cup. When we did actually sit down to write, this was one of the strongest melodies, so I took in back to London to develop into this searching, emotional, pulsing atmospheric peice in my studio before inviting Joost to play drums on it, and Josh to record Sax. We tracked at Crosstown Studios in December with Ben Makone, and the record was mixed in January 2023 with Toby Davies. It was mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta mastering in the Devon Hills. The artwork is by English artist Carl Cashman.

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December 22, 2022
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