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Cover art for Yung.Raj's song: letting go

letting go



learning to let go of hoarding music is it ever finished? don't the ideas (no matter how complete or incomplete) deserve to be out there in the world for everyone to listen? the faster i let go the sooner i find myself to the next idea and all that leads to an idea that seems mostly finished in one go, just speaking from personal experience. some of my fav tunes have come out that way. still learning. still creating. created on 17th August 2021, revisited this morning, made some edits and exported from my daw to my desktop 5 minutes before writing this. I'll distribute it on other platforms soon but for now this is where it exists, you could consider this an 'official release' if you're reading this, thanks for making it so far, i appreciate your time.

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November 11, 2021
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