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Cover art for YUNICE's song: Under My Skin

Under My Skin



“Under My Skin" is YUNICE's genesis digital record. As the city's sirens wailed in the background, I waited for a lover to come through. Written and recorded in a Chinatown apartment in New York. (You might hear the sirens if you listen very closely!) I could be ready for it If you believe that I’m the best Let me be your only weakness Come under my skin Can we be perfectly honest? You’ll be the one that I won’t forget You could be the only witness Come under my skin. My genesis collector will 1. Forever-ever be held in the highest esteem <3 2. Receive a unique 1/1 gratitude airdrop 3. First to receive any future airdrops 4. First to be allow-listed into my future projects YUNICE (fka Eunice) is an alt-pop artist and producer from Brooklyn, Macau, and based in LA. Her music is driven by haunting vocals, sexy dark sounds, and sad girl vibes. She discovered Bitcoin through a meme as a struggling artist in a Bushwick basement in 2019, and never looked back. “Under My Skin” is written by Eunice Wong and Jordan Yaeger

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October 30, 2022
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