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Cover art for Brainorchestra's song: Messenger // Receiver

Messenger // Receiver



'Messenger // Receiver' is 1 of 3 NFTs in Volume 1 of the 'Lovetones : Color Study' series. It consists of 2 original compositions by Brainorchestra, along with a 24x24 color field study painting to represent the audios overall emotion. Once collected, the physical painting acts as a bonus to the buyer - continuing the importance of collecting art digitally & physically with a balance. ° More Information on the creation of 'Messenger // Receiver' below ° Both the beat & ambient score were produced / mixed & mastered by Brainorchestra on Ableton during the pandemic. Both tracks combined truly expressed the headspace Brainorchestra was in creating this. The 1st part, 'Messenger', acts as a bright & insightful piece of audio, allowing the feeling of progression & change. The 2nd part, 'Receiver', is an ambient score that acts as a moment of acceptance & applying what we learn. Once recorded, it was transferred onto a hi-bias cassette tape & recorded back into Ableton, then remastered. The physical art was made on a 24x24 gallery wrap quality canvas. Using acrylic paint, sketch paper, ready-mix cement & various tools, Brainorchestra encapsulated a moment of being in an open space towards learning & teaching. Keeping a 3-color pallet, the reference of the sky stays strong towards being open to life's challenges & accepting constant change in a moving world, while teaching as we go to those who need it.

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November 24, 2021
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