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Cover art for Carter Reeves's song: Offline feat. Wes Period

Offline feat. Wes Period

Carter Reeves


Wes Period and I met as two scraggly misfit kids, touring through the Southern summer heat like a roving band of pirates. Our maniacal, border-line hyperactive personalities fit together like a two-piece puzzle, so it was only right when we linked up in 2015 for a Los Angeles writing session. Cut to a Sawtelle Blvd. lockout studio, smelling of stale blunt smoke, with muffled, out of key 808’s leaking from underneath the doors. Upon walking into Wes' magical domain, I knew that we’d come out with a hit. Little did I know, it would be this tune, “Offline.” I swear to god, Wes whipped up this beat in a hair over five minutes. That’s not to say he rushed greatness, it just shows how meticulously and effectively he can execute his vision. What a stud. Fast forward seven years and the 16 bars that sat empty, waiting to be filled, like a church at sunrise on a Sunday, have finally been blessed. Not by any random that $700 and a SoundCloud repost could entice, but by the producer, writer, and overall legend himself; Wes Period. Please enjoy my third NFT on Catalog, Wes’ genesis NFT, and our first collaboration NFT, “Offline.” *Please note - this song will NOT be released on DSP’s any time soon. It is exclusive to Catalog, and the collector of this NFT will be the third and final holder of the master .wav file.* The collector of this NFT will receive: - The .wav master file - The original artwork - The original “Offline” demo (it’s not very different at all, you’ll be disappointed) - The screenshot of the original lyrics - A deadstock Carter Reeves t-shirt - A pair of tickets to a Surfer Girl (Carter) or Wes Period show of your choice - Access to the exclusive “Hidden Cove” Discord channel in Crane Road Surf Club

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February 10, 2022
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