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Cover art for Celia Inside's song: I Insist

I Insist

Celia Inside


GENESIS! “I Insist” was written during quarantine days, and first saw daylight on DSPs in 2021. i had written such dark, moody stuff for so long… i needed to lighten up, and i needed a W. i was ready to challenge myself as a songwriter and to, hey, maybe write some brighter days for myself into existence? why not! “I Insist” is probz the fastest song i ever wrote; i had most of it done in one night. something about this beat from @ayelookitsbrady lit up a confident, lighter part of me. my hope was that the final product would burst that good energy out to the listener, out to the world. "I Insist" is the title track of the I Insist EP, which is my most significant work to date both in my heart and to others as its reception has been positive. Catalog is for essential records, so minting the three songs from this essential Celia EP feels right to me.

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January 25, 2024
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