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Cover art for Charlie Crown's song: Just Say It (feat. Helen Tess)

Just Say It (feat. Helen Tess)

Charlie Crown


This NFT is a 1/1 of the recording ‘Just ‘Say It’ featuring Helen Tess.This track is very special to me not only because it’s the first release in a close to 10-month hiatus, but also because I had the opportunity to work with my amazing friend Helen Tess. The song is about those on and off relationships, those relationships where people know they don’t want to be there but are just too afraid to say it. It’s those toxic relationships where people want to pull away but remain there out of comfort and fear. It relates to me because I’ve been personally in that situation and I hope that people can relate to it too.Artwork by Fundie Biela (@fundiebiela)*Includes unlockable content.The owner of this NFT will receive:- The .wav master audio file- The .jpeg artwork file- ‘Just Say It’ phone backgrounds- Access to "collector" channels in my discord.- Token airdrop (coming soon)- VIP +1 tickets to one Charlie Crown headline show.Thank you so much for your support, this is just the beginning!

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April 15, 2022
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