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Cover art for Daniel Allan's song: Minuteman (w/ DLG.)

Minuteman (w/ DLG.)

Daniel Allan


After $OVERSTIM happened, my life got a lot more complicated. In a lot of ways things were going well - I was financially comfortable for the first time in my life which was great - but I was creatively stumped. All of my time was going towards $OVERSTIM and it became harder and harder for me to create. For the first time in a while I questioned my love for music. To get out of my own way, I decided to go to Austin to meet up with some friends to do nothing but write and relax (though admittedly, I spent a bit too much time on Discord). We made a bunch of ideas during the trip but none of it really stuck. It was nice having a light hearted approach to music for once but in all honesty, I was a bit bummed that I couldn't leave with a demo to listen back to. On the last night of my stay, I sat down with DLG. to make what I thought would be a quick loop. What started as melody idea at 9PM turned into a race against time to finish the record before my 7AM flight - we were both dancing around the room, pacing back and forth with our shirts off, and matching each other line by line crafting the record. As Dave recorded I kept producing and we somehow managed to get a bounce right before I got to the airport. That night reminded me why music was and continues to be so important to me and I always listen back to this song when I’m feeling detached from art and creativity. Artwork by Nat Goldstein (@artbygoldie)

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April 11, 2022
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