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Cover art for Daniel Allan's song: Not Alone/Wrightwood

Not Alone/Wrightwood

Daniel Allan


Welcome to the Drifter Series. Every Monday I’ll be packing up my backpack with a laptop, a pair of headphones, and a disposable camera and hitting the road to write and record a unique piece of music. Inspired by the world around me, every part of this experience is meant to take you into a day in my life - a look at how my brain processes my surroundings in a musical context. Each piece of this series - from the recording and making of the beat - to the pictures and creative direction - are all conceptualized and created in the same day. For my first piece, I went on a drive in the the Hollywood Hills. I brought a book with me and flipped to a random page and sang a line that stuck with me. This is “Not Alone/Wrightwood”. The winner of the NFT will receive: - the .wav file of the song - the artwork - all 26 pictures taken on the disposable camera the day of the making - a 30 minute FaceTime call with me to talk about music or anything surrounding the piece - can double as a production lesson P.S. This is my first time ever publicly releasing something I have sang on

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April 28, 2021
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