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Cover art for DIVUS's song: BIG DAWG (with Rick Brown)

BIG DAWG (with Rick Brown)



Song: Artist, Production, Executive Producer: Divus P Artist, Performer, Lyricist, Mastering Engineer: Rick Brown [Twitter - @RickBrownLT ; Instagram - @theofficials92] Promotional Trailer: Production, Creative Direction, Editor, Scriptwriter: Divus P Narrator: Old Orleans [Twitter/IG/TikTok - @old_orleans] 🎬 Cover Art: DALL-E 2 Description: This record originally began back in July 2022. I had a collaboration session with @rem-cycles and they sent through this drum loop. I ended up building a dark big budget beat around it. It went through many changes and revisions. But I loved it a lot and wanted to release it as my genesis. But I ended up scrapping it and made a newer version in September 2022 which ended up being the final beat for “BIG DAWG”. But as a song, it still wasn’t fully conceptualized or completed until the beginning of this year. In fact, the record was originally supposed to be a narrated audio experience. I was heavily inspired by the Morgan Freeman skits on 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’s “Savage Mode II”. So, I wrote an entire script to the beat that centered around how cutthroat the music business is and the negative psychological effects it can have on up-and-coming musicians. I tried recording my vocals to it but was not satisfied with the results. So, I just kept the beat on my hard drive since October 2022. When I found out I got onboarded onto Catalog, it motivated me to go back and to really focus on creating the best genesis I could possibly create. I had this series in mind titled “DIVIDENDS & FRIENDS” (shoutout to @20duce for the name) where I connect with an artist I know and we both aim to create the best record possible. And for the first artist in this series, I decided to collaborate with Rick Brown who is an incredible artist I met through Kamari Esson (@KamariEsson on Twitter/IG). Rick is such a talented and versatile creator. I love working with him. He was one of the earliest supporters in my Web3 journey. So, I feel like it’s only right to onboard him through this record. The cover art for "BIG DAWG" showcases the action, tension, chaos and anxiety that comes from the record itself. Whenever a fire occurs, you can’t help but to just look at it. It’s something that you can’t ignore. You can literally see and feel its impact. And I believe that with “BIG DAWG” and the direction that Rick took, we are basically saying that the music we are creating and everything we are building towards is going to have an impact. In some way, shape or form. And I feel like that is what makes a record great; it's the idea of being distinct and being able to capture a moment. With the sales from this record, I am planning to invest the funds back into my production in order to continue this series and to be able to make incredible records with artists in the space. I am also planning to use the funds to create more visual content to pair with the upcoming future releases. I want to continue to onboard more people into Web3 and to help out other talented artists who deserve the recognition. The holder of this 1/1 will have access to a high quality 24-bit WAV file of the song and will have access to the early unreleased instrumental of "BIG DAWG" from the July-Aug 2022 sessions.

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March 23, 2023
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