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Cover art for Dontmesswithjuan - hacked's song: Tōryanse (通りゃんせ)

Tōryanse (通りゃんせ)

Dontmesswithjuan - hacked


This song represents the inner strength that can sometimes seem faraway, but it might just be leading the way. As an image, the character holds a machete and she will be surprised by it taking full control. Sounds of machete form the bed of organic beats and we plunge into a surreal koto journey, created from RHYME's beautiful koto playing. This song holds the lyrics of one of RHYME's favorite songs 'Tōryanse', a very iconic old children's song in Japan. The French and the Japanese lyrics come piercing through, carrying a feminine warrior energy. Will you let it enchant you?

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August 10, 2023
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