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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "Butterflies" - Produced by Dela / "She's Ansi" - Produced by Dutchyyy

"Butterflies" - Produced by Dela / "She's Ansi" - Produced by Dutchyyy



"Butterflies" - Produced by: Dela [00:00 - 01:47] "She's Ansi" - Produced by Dutchyyy [01:48 - 08:32] Year created: 2006 Written & Performed by: Dutchmassive Recorded by: Dutchmassive @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Mixed & Mastered by: Dutchyyy @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Album: "Crush Your System" Track: 19 Released: Nov 28, 2007 Label: Rawkus Records Original Dutchmassive Logo By: Open Mic Re-Designed Logo by: Barry & Dutch "Crush Your System" was created 2001-2007 & has had songs added to the bandcamp version 2008-Present. ----------------------------- Lyrics: [Intro] Peace to Dela.... From Florida to France... Not only are we key members of the Juicy Jazz Foundation But we're also hopeless Romantics.... [Verse 1] "I think i found her / I smile every second i'm around her / and she don't stop, she got energy for hours / I think that bracelet she's wearing carries powers / cus i'm zoning from our very 1st encounter / and I ain't met a girl that's got me feeling this way / not since I had crash back in 5th grade / It's like a sick day, i'm spinning like i'm tipsy / but i'm so sober, head over heals in dismay / may-day I just giggled, this is risky /I don't care, I'm so cool, she can diss me / It doesn't matter cus she's still chilling with me / Lil Dutchy so inspired this is Lifting / I'm motivated and my life is steady shifting / A new horizon, Butterflies are a gift and / I accept most humbly with quickness" [Chorus] "So I just wanna thank you for the Butterflies my love / I take em as a gift from above / and you put this good feeling in my tummy / so even if you not feeling me, you can't take these Butterflies from me / Just wanna thank you for the Butterflies my love / I take you as a gift from above / cus you put this good feeling in my tummy / so even if your the same, you can't take these Butterflies from me " [Verse 2] "Funny when you think about the situation, fresh out of a serious relationship / stuck inside with no electric on / few drinks and the rain won't quit / and I can sing about how my started to quick, missed a beat, blaza blah on some overbearing tip / but I won't (but you did) it's to late (this is it) i'm a firm believer strictly on telling how it is........" ----------------------------- Backstory: The Lyrics are the true backstory. Written shortly after I met [redacted] in 2006. The Second verse was intentionally cut short but was not supposed to end there. The original concept was to Document the stages of falling in love as they happen. The pre-dating phase, and then whatever happens from there I was going to write about as it happened. However, about a year later, I got word that Rawkus Records wanted to released my Sophomore album but they needed it almost right away. So I quickly scrambled, sequenced and polished what I could and turned in the album "Crush Your System" as is, unfinished. Originally intended to be a double disk album, One Disk Rhymes (Crush Your System) and the other disk Instrumentals (Music2SleepTo...) Since Butterflies was so short and endedabruptly, I decided to Fuse one the instrumentals i produced into the story. A precursor to the track that followed it. A Deep House track I made. which must of confused people at the time it was released that A Instrumental Deep House track was on HipHop album with all rhymes haha. My ex fiance' is the one who put me onto deep house, which played a major role in my life and how I would hear / feel / sequence music moving forward. I never got to finish writing the original concept and documenting the full stages of the relationship, But she was really dope, I loved her alot. We danced very often. She was beautiful, intelligent, inspiring, soulful and driven, but also super jealous, insecure & more focused on status & perceived value, A weird mixture of Badu & The Kardashians... I was an Artist, in my mid 20's, off my 2nd album, floating through life, not as as traditionally responsible and didn't had the same Life goals or values. It didn't end well, starving artist isn't everyone's cup of tea. It was a dope Arc of my life, she would probably disagree haha. Parted ways, and moved onto the next ark. Entered my first real depressive phase, but ended up being a very progressive phase. Fall to Rise and all that jazzz. The Yawn of the Gemini / Blue Screen of Deaf. / Romanticizing Arc. Until lil Dutchy met his next love & future/last heartt break...... The AnonyMs. Arc (aka The Chill Gawd, Chill / The Uproot Arc) To be continued.

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