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Cover art for Dutchmassive's song: "Kill em in 8-bit" - Produced by Samiyam

"Kill em in 8-bit" - Produced by Samiyam



"Kill em in 8-bit" Year created: 2004 Written & Performed by: Dutchmassive Produced by: Samiyam Intro by: Dutchmassive Recorded by: Dutchmassive @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Mixed & Mastered by: Dutchyyy @ The Bed Room (Tampa, FL) Album: "Crush Your System" Track: 15 Released: Nov 28, 2007 Label:  Rawkus Records Original Dutchmassive Logo By: Open Mic Re-Designed Logo by: Barry & Dutch "Crush Your System" was created 2001-2007 & has had songs added to the bandcamp version 2008-Present. ----------------------------- Lyrics: [Verse 1 – Dutchmassive] "Sam you killing em 8-bit, the best kept secret, hands down this is your favorite / producer you ain't never heard a hero from a spaceship / The Future of a movement, not hip-hop this is music, check your Hobbyshop blueprint / (we listen to our music) Yo this the first installment of the Hobbyshop gift, Fan first, Hero to my goonies, watch me give it BACK!, give it back, give it back, give it back, give it back!  Fan first, I'll give it back, Hero for the fans watch me give it back!" Backstory: I met Sam back in 2003 via Myspace and we immediately bonded over our love for NES OSTS,  He would send me batches of the best beats I heard at the time,  at least in terms of originality and distinctness and tapping into to two things I love the most,  Hip-Hop and Nerd Culture.   At the time,  He sent a bunch of beats to rap on for my upcoming album, and also sent me tracks he was working on with an unknown producer at the time "Flying Lotus" who also shared a love for 8-bit OST's. The first track I recorded produced by Sam was "Kill em in 8-bit" which wasn't meant to be an album track,  It was created specifically for a series of mixtapes I created titled "March of the Goonies" which was a series where I created very intentionally sequenced and mixed songs all centered around themes of Nerd Culture,  Video Games,  Comic Books, Cult Classic movies from the 80's & 90's. These two very rare mixtapes, would end up spawning my blog dedicated to nerd culture and hip-hop "The Hobbyshop Hero"  which I ran 2007-2011 before pivoting to tumblr. +   (If viewing on mobile, please scroll to the bottom and switch to desktop view) When SlopFunkDust (Beat Fanatic) became head A&R for Rawkus Records,  He reached out and asked me to release my upcoming album "Crush Your System" through the Labels "Rawkus 50" campaign. I immediately said yes,  but the timeline / deadline was very short to submit the album, which at the time was far from completion.  I quickly pivoted my initial concept of the double album titled "The NEXT Final Fantasy" which was one album as an Emcee "Crush Your System" and My (still unreleased) production album "Music 2 Sleep To..." and quickly turned in an album that wasn't finished and saved the 6 other tracks produced by Samiyam for what was supposed to be my next album as Dutchmassive titled "Romanticizing" which was all lost due to hard drive crash in 2011. Samiyam, Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan ended up hitting me up around 2008/2009 letting me know he was coming down to Florida and coming to meet up with him,  He was looking to go to the renowned Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.  So my ex at the time and I drove up to Orlando to kick it, and I let him know my thoughts and feelings about living in Florida, as well as Full Sail (Since I also wanted to attend this school when I was younger) I expressed that the school is very expensive, and that his Ear as a musician was already good enough. Told him, beyond the expensive cost, I chose not to go the route of Full Sail for music, because I had no interest in opening a recording studio and spending my time mixing and mastering strangers' music that I probably wouldn't enjoy hearing.  I never asked him if this convo impacted his decision or not,  but very shortly after he moved to Los Angeles which ultimately was the best choice he could have made. I hit up Sam when I learned I was going to be moving to Los Angeles in 2012, and he invited me to come chill at Low End Theory at the Airliner the week I got there.   I still have the batches of beats he gave me to rap on, some of which he released as instrumentals on albums over the years,  If only people knew how old those beats were hahah.   Dope music is timeless.

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