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"CREW FACES" Produced by: Dutchyyy Album: Yawn of the Gemini Track: 8 Released: May 23, 2010 ----------------- Backstory: Created fall 2009 in Tampa, Florida using FL STUDIO. I guess I always made super long tracks looking back hahaha. A least they had a million change ups 95% of the time. If I were to have to point out my own weakest trait in terms of music production I guess it's always been basslines. Maybe it's from always creating in cheap headphones for the 1st 20 years of making beats and not be able to ever play music loud enough to feel the bass where i was creating or maybe never taking the time to learn music theory was not the best move. I feel like my ear excels in term of creating melodies and harmonies without training, but basslines I just never seemed prioritize. Imperfection is spirit animal I guess =) Not a lot of memories attached to certain older beats, probably means I was just getting lost having fun creating in the moments I could find.

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