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Oceans V2



Oceans V2 is me in my most child-like form. Released August 18th, 2017. This song is the innocence of home - If you're lucky enough to have a relatively stable home. It's more of a journal entry than a song - sort of like my song Fabrics, where the verses sort of go as long as they need to... with no real rules to follow. I recorded it myself I believe when I was in college in Los Angeles. I've watched the reach of this song go far beyond what I thought it was at the time, though after it was made I felt like I had put out a piece of myself that was inevitably going to bring itself to fruition one way or the other. But it happened to be Oceans V2. This is a song my friends and I on the road joke about as a "cult classic" - something the die-hard fans know word for word. Something that shouldn't fit at your typical high energy show but if it's played people may erupt. The wonders of vulnerability. V2 - everyone asks me about what this means. You can see it in songs like Wood V2. I think those are the only two....I still wonder what it means but I know when to put it there. I think it has something to do with the song feeling like a demo. Almost something that shouldn't come out but is the dark horse. I was born after a miscarriage. I feel like a V2 myself.

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